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Empty at the top?

Did a 7-chakra meditation the other day in my elemental class. We started at the root, and worked our way up. I was able to see and tune each chakra; however, when we got to the top, the crown, it was like walking into a dark room. There was simply nothing there to see, much less tune. I did get a little upset. I mean, where was it? I had clearly seen and felt the other 6. Hell, my third eye was pulsating with energy. Ironically, it didn’t tell me about the crown, the symbolic link to the Divine.

Am I cut off from the Divine? I know I haven’t exactly been giving my full attention (or any attention) lately. I asked my teacher about it and she said not to worry. She said try the meditation again and to relax.

So I will. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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