tending my spirit, learning from the universe

A cool welcome

I spent part of last week in North Texas at a conference. While the environment itself wasn’t all that appealing, the weather certainly was. It has been an incredibly long hot and dry summer and to experience an overcast day with temperatures in the 50s was a refreshing change. I felt as though Fall was welcoming me back into existence.Fall is certainly a favorite season. My allergies settle down, the air cools, coats and boots come out of the closet… I feel most alive during this time of the year, close to the elements and cozy in my home. It’s a time of spiritual awakening, reconnection, and discovery for me. I have been taking a course in the 5 magical elements, learning each in turn: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

I haven’t had any major revelations yet, but I have learned some small mysteries about myself. Namely that I have a disconnect between heart and head, that I often allow pleasure to come before sacrifice, and that I have a long way to go towards becoming a spiritual being.

These challenges are just that: challenges. I know I can overcome them; I just need to figure out how.


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