tending my spirit, learning from the universe

Joy through pain

Two of my brothers and both parents have completely and absolutely ignored my announcements of my engagement and impending nuptials. It’s pretty heartbreaking to be treated this way by your own family, but I’ll count my blessings where I can. Namely, I’m marrying the person I love and trust more than anyone else in the world. We’re going to become a family. Also, my brother John & his wife have shown enthusiasm and support. John even agreed to be in the wedding!

I will not beg anyone to come to the wedding. If they don’t want to be there, that’s their choice; however, I wish they’d at least have the courage to let me know they’re against it or upset, or whatever! This silence and denial is worse than any words they could spew forth.

Spiritually, I’ve felt very small the past 3 weeks. My heart has contracted and I am having difficulty expanding it with forgiveness and love toward 2/3 of my family. I had a good cry last night, but the pain lingers.


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