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It is the shortest day of the year. The light today is vibrant and alive — as though it’s trying to make the most of what little time it has. I was sickly and tired this morning. I slept in an hour or so. I woke feeling good and got out of bed to make coffee.

I did a short ritual with herbs to banish all fear and anxiety from my heart and mind. I have an upcoming trip to my parents’ house and was feeling pretty wound up about it. I feel relaxed and ready now.

Yule is a wonderful time — I am so thankful for all the love, prosperity, and health that I have.  Blessed Yule to you all!



“Breathe through the pain.” my massage therapist

I often forget the power of my own breath. It gives me life, it allows me to speak or whistle or sing, it cleanses my spirit. It’s pretty amazing how taking a moment to intentionally breathe in and out can lessen stress, put you in the moment, and help you focus.

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