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You Get What You Ask For

I’m gently chuckling to myself today… Why?

A little background: I did a money spell last week because it seems money just keeps flowing away from me, not the other way around. My car got towed (long story), my cats got very ill and required expensive vet visits & treatment, and I ended up owing a chunk o’ change to the IRS instead of getting a refund this year, to name a few.

Image credit: Skinbase.org

So yes, I’ve been worried about money lately.  Increasingly so. My insecurity was making me anxious and I figured I’d do a little spellwork, a little meditation, etc.,  to ask the Universe for a little help.

Recently when I was looking for tax documents I came across a folder holding information from my anniversary party 3 years ago. I couldn’t resist a tiny trip down memory lane, so I went through all the lovely cards my friends had given me and my partner. I opened one envelope to find an unused giftcard for $15!

So the gods are listening! Granted, it’s just $15, but I’m not one to sneeze at a gift. I’m still pretty broke but my faith is unbroken.

Lesson learned:

I need to stop worrying. The Universe is not my bitch. I need to let go. The Universe will provide what I need. Not necessarily what I want, but what I need. I have a roof over my head, food in the pantry, and gas in the car. I have a lot of love in my life. Sure, money’s really tight right now, but there are many souls out there who are worse-off than me.

What did I do? I turned right around and gave that $15 to someone whom I thought needed it. And it felt really good!


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