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Pagans All Over

I was at a workshop out of town last Friday. We had a long lunch so I went to the local Barnes & Noble to browse. I found all kinds of cool stuff, but decided to buy a few sale books I’ve been looking for and a copy of the latest issue of Sage Woman magazine.

It was getting near the time I needed to return to my workshop, so I got into line behind two people. The cashier was this blond guy with glasses. I could only really see his head. The little old lady that was being checked-out was having trouble with her credit card or something, so the line wasn’t moving. Finally she moved on and the couple in front of me stepped up to the cashier. The minutes were ticking by, and I started shifting my weight from foot to foot. Why couldn’t this guy hurry up? I was going to be late and there wasn’t a way to sneak back into the workshop without everyone seeing me, as the door was in the front of the room, not the back.

Finally it was my turn! I put my selections on the counter. He asked if I had found everything okay. I decided to be nice and replied I found too many things okay and laughed. He did too. Okay, he was friendly, so I thought to myself, “‘I’ll give him a break for being pokey.” He suggested to me a book on astrology, I declined, saying, “Maybe next time.” (I don’t really get into that stuff and I had already spent a big chunk o’ change.) Then he said I should check out Witches & Pagans magazine too (since I had bought Sage Woman). I smiled and told him I subscribe. He gave me my receipt. That was then I noticed his pentacle necklace!

It all came together! I gave him a big smile and thanked him. As I left the store, I had the most pleasant feeling. It’s so nice to encounter a fellow pagan in a mundane place.


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