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Our Filters

Jeffrey, over at Old Ways, does semimonthly classes on a variety of topics. He’s really quite amazing. The classes are all great and inspiring, but every so often he does a class that just hits me with a whammy and gets me thinking. His most recent class is “Surviving Empathy.” His point is if we stop reacting to the world and start responding instead, we keep our power and we manifest love instead of fear. We need to let go of the filters (or limits) we’ve built up that block and muddle our perception of reality and start living in the here-and-now instead. Rather than add fuel to someone’s (or our own) fire, ask how you can help or what can you do to make someone feel better.

There’s been a lot of spiders around lately. One was a huge one (and a supporting character in a film), one was inside my windshield trying to weave a web, one crawled across the paint can I dug out of the garage this weekend… the list goes on. The Goddess is trying to get my attention again. In terms of filters, I apparently have one up that tells me I don’t have time for sitting with her, or doing magic, or developing a relationship with my higher self. I get stuck in this filter of wallowing instead of acting all the time!

Then the spiders start showing up and I realize, “Oh yeah, I haven’t meditated in like 2 weeks!” or “Gee, I wonder why I”m so freakin’ frustrated about x-y-z” instead of DOING something about it. Magic works! I have the ability to make changes both metaphysically AND mundanely. It’s really amazing just how ingrained this filter of inactivity is in my life! I know it’s there but I let it stand anyway.

It’s easy to forget how much I have to be grateful for. I need to get out of the habit of ignoring my spiritual connections and into the habit of rejecting the notions that I am powerless in the face of whatever Life throws my way. Strength comes from the inside and only in tandem with a greater understanding of our own connection to the Divine. The Universe is not our bitch. But it can definitely be our ally.


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