tending my spirit, learning from the universe

Bibliomancy – 9/28

My job has been exceptionally vulnerable lately, as in, a quarter million dollars was taken out of our budget with no warning. So, you can probably imagine I’ve been feeling stressed out. For shits and giggles, I pulled a book off the shelf and concentrated on my question: “What should I do about my job?”

I closed my eyes, flipped through the book (which just so happened to be Regardie’s Tree of Life) and my finger landed, not on a word or sentence, but upon a full-page illustration of Anubis. The God of the Dead.

HA! I couldn’t help it — I laughed at the Universe’s blunt response. But after reflection, it fit. My job has been “dying” for quite a while now. I’ve been “dying” of boredom and feeling trapped. Perhaps it is time to get out? On my own terms? Perhaps become a funeral director?

Oh, Universe, you scamp!


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