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I’m not dead!

I am here, gentle readers. I have just been up to my eyeballs in Life. A good thing for me, a bad thing for this blog.

News: I am embarking on a 13 week course of training in wicca with a local group. The lessons are free and I’ll be sure to blog about how they go here. I don’t know if I want to necessarily be wiccan, but it will be nice to be back in a class with other pagans again. I am grateful for that.


You have to listen to this

The Pagan Newswire Collective did a series of interviews and live recordings from the recent Pagan Spirit Gathering in June. These amazing 5 podcasts you get to hear all kinds of amazing things from amazing people. Big shout-out to Dave of PCP and Star Foster (and everyone else who helped) for all their hard work! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this series. So much, in fact, I may just have to head up to Camp Zoe next summer myself!

Our Filters

Jeffrey, over at Old Ways, does semimonthly classes on a variety of topics. He’s really quite amazing. The classes are all great and inspiring, but every so often he does a class that just hits me with a whammy and gets me thinking. His most recent class is “Surviving Empathy.” His point is if we stop reacting to the world and start responding instead, we keep our power and we manifest love instead of fear. We need to let go of (more…)

More abundance…

I am really feeling connected today! I attended a thank-you brunch for volunteers at a local church this morning. I am not a member, obviously, but I assist them in their library. There were 100 or so people in the room and the gratitude there was palpable. Lots of “volunteer love” was floating around the place. I really enjoy giving my time and talents there…their kindness makes it easy to volunteer.

When I returned to the office, I saw a box of used binders on the loading dock that were going to the landfill. Among them was a 3-inch 3-ring binder! Just what I’ve been looking for lately for my new BOS. And to think, I almost spent $8.50 on one just the other day. The Universe really does give you what you need when you need it!

Oh, and one more thing: I sent a check to the IRS yesterday with my tax return. I found out last night that I qualify for a program called Making Work Pay which will give me $400. So now I’m going to file an amended return and the government will give $ back to me!

I love it when a spell comes together! Thank you, Universe! Thank you Dark Goddess!

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