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Things that have changed

  1. I’m not completely anti-gun anymore. In fact, now that I own a house, I’d like to have a handgun and learn to use it. I still don’t think anyone needs semi-automatic or automatic weapons, but that’s for the politicians to work out.
  2. I’m really a Pagan now. Not a ‘seeker’ or an agnostic. I’m comfortable in these sacred shoes.  I still have much to learn and a million ways to grow, but I’m finally on the right spiritual path!
  3. I don’t enjoy driving as much as I used to. It’s most likely because i have to drive so far and amongst so many assholes every day.
  4. I don’t want to have children. I want to have lots of nieces and nephews, blood-related and not. I just don’t think raising a kid is something I want to dedicate my life to. That said, I have real respect and appreciation for my peers who are, or are becoming, parents.
  5. I’m really going to do the things I say I am. Raise chickens? Yep. Sew a quilt? Yep. Clean the garage? Yep. Etc. My will needs to be developed and not swayed by laziness or passing fancy.

These are just a few things that I can think of now.


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