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Building the Magical Self

Being female in a patriarchal society tends to make us question ourselves and our power more often than our male counterparts. This is not a rant against men, just an observation on life as it is here in these United States. Even I, a well-educated and self-assured person have moments (even periods) of doubt, self-loathing, and existential angst. I say [ridiculous] things to myself like, “I can’t manifest my will,” or “[It] won’t work, so why bother.”

Self-defeat is one of the more useless acts that stands in the way of becoming a powerful witch. (Laziness is another.) I did a working back in October that (more…)


Empty at the top?

Did a 7-chakra meditation the other day in my elemental class. We started at the root, and worked our way up. I was able to see and tune each chakra; however, when we got to the top, the crown, it was like walking into a dark room. There was simply nothing there to see, much less tune. (more…)

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