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A New Book

Photo credit: Oberon Designs

I’m currently working on a new book of shadows. My old one was kind of a joke…mostly printouts and scribbled notes jammed into a folder. Hardly what one would call a “book”  much less something that was organized or useful.

I invested in a 3-ring binder, some plastic page covers, some tabbed dividers, and a purple pen.  I’ve made lists of various correspondences, the Moon’s phases for the year, and gathered my Sabbat rituals into one place.

Sure, I’d love to have one of those fancy  leather-bound books (like the ridiculously gorgeous ones from Oberon Designs, see image left), but let’s face it: my handwriting is best described as serial-killer-esque, and I can’t draw to save my life. There would be many torn-out pages and a lot of poor design. So, to remedy that I’m going the typed and printed route, encased in plastic sheets for longevity. Not as aesthetically pleasing, but functional and practical.


New Books

In the past week I scored the first and second of Ann Moura’s Green Witchcraft books at the used bookstore! Yay! I had volume 3 already. I love her books because she’s down-to-earth, she has great ritual suggestions, and she doesn’t hesitate to show both sides of “the coin”. Balance is the key here and she takes that seriously.

I”m working on trying to find John Coughlin’s ethics books. I know they’re on amazon, but I want to see if I can find them locally first.


The Green Witchcraft trilogy:

  1. Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft
  2. Green Witchcraft II: Balancing Light & Shadow
  3. Green Witchcraft III: The Manual

Oh, and I did break down and buy the Coughlin books (1, 2) online. I couldn’t find them used around here. They should arrive in a week or so. I’ll post reviews after I read them.

A cool welcome

I spent part of last week in North Texas at a conference. While the environment itself wasn’t all that appealing, the weather certainly was. It has been an incredibly long hot and dry summer and to experience an overcast day with temperatures in the 50s was a refreshing change. I felt as though Fall was welcoming me back into existence. (more…)

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